LipSense Prism of Colors Collection

A couple weeks ago Senegence announced the release of 5 new limited edition colors! They are fun, bright, and super pigmented matte colors. Although I love shimmers and frosts, matte colors are just SO smooth and last the longest on me. I am wearing Pop Art Pink in the photo above and I love it. Mod magenta is actually my favorite from this collection. They are $25/each and I have them in hand ready to ship to whoever claims them first! To learn more about LipSense read this post -> LIPSENSE FAQ

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Welcome to

I am so excited to finally launch this website! I wanted one place to send people, where everything could be easily searched for and my content could be organized. Sometimes the OCD in me gets so annoyed with organizing and finding things within Facebook groups! I plan to post a few times a week about anything and everything. I am 100% clueless about websites/html/blogging, so the fact that I managed to even set up this thing is impressive to me! HAHA